Evaluating the conservation zone

img_mabEvaluating the zonation of the Biosphere Reserve Wienerwald: How well does the conservation zone contribute to biodiversity conservation?

The delimitation of the conservation zone was done in 2004, based on available data as well as on recommendations of a local advisory board, but without field work. With the proposed project, we want to address the following questions: (1) Are there significant differences in the biodiversity and conservation value of meadows inside and outside the conservation zone in the Biosphere Reserve Wienerwald? (2) Do areas inside and outside of the conservation zone differ in habitat diversity and composition? (3) Did changes in agricultural land use practices affect the biodiversity of meadows in the Biosphere Reserve Wienerwald, and what are the implications for management and conservation of grasslands? The results will lead to a decision guidance for the management of the biosphere reserve Wienerwald with regard to a possible re-evaluation of the delimitation of the conservation zone and with regard to management and conservation of meadows.


Funding: Austrian Academy of Science (Man and Biosphere Programm)
Partners: AVL – ARGE Vegetationsökologie und Landschaftsplanung GmbH
Biosphere Reserve Wienerwald Management
Project start: May 2011
Contact: Wolfgang Willner

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