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Ecological versus historical deteminants of plant species distribution in the Austrian Alps There is increasing awareness that many plant species are not in equilibrium with their current environment. In the present study we want...


Austrian Vegetation Database

The aim of the Austrian Vegetation Database is to gather computerized phytosociological information (vegetation relevés) from the territory of Austria.


Evaluating the conservation zone

Evaluating the zonation of the Biosphere Reserve Wienerwald: How well does the conservation zone contribute to biodiversity conservation? The delimitation of the conservation zone was done in 2004, based on available data as well...



Climate effects on the recent range expansion of ragweed in Central Europe Recent range expansions of invasive species in temperate regions have repeatedly been attributed to climate warming. However, other invasion drivers like increased...



Modelling the invasion potential and socio-economic impact of allergy-inducing plants in Austria in relation to climate change This is a collaborative project led by the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety with the...



Challenges in assessing and forecasting biodiversity and ecosystem changes in Europe Funding: European Commission Partners: 22 Partners Co-ordination: Pierre Taberlet, University of Grenoble Project start: January 2007 Project time: 60 months Contact: Stefan Dullinger...